Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Week In My Garden - June 14, 2011 A Linky Party

Welcome to an experiment in gardening!
I'm hoping all of you will join in this weekly Linky Party and
show off your garden and how it grows.

You are invited to join me each Tuesday afternoon to stroll through
the gardens of Blogland. Show us a single image or three or twenty
or write about your garden tips or experiences.

Some common and ordinary, some out of the ordinary.

Tulbaghia violacea - Society Garlic

Dryopteris erythrosora - Japanese Shield Fern, Autumn Fern

Phlomis fruticosa - Jerusalem Sage

Deutzia -  'Magician'

Yucca recurvifolia

Verbena bonariensis - Upright Verbena

Nepeta racemosa  - Persian Catmint, Mussin's Catmint

Oenothera lindheimeri (aka Gaura lindheimeri - Appleblossom Grass 'Pink Fountain'

Punica granatum - Pomegranate, Granate Apple 'Wonderful'
Melianthus major - Honey Bush

Blooming Gunnera tinctoria - Chilean Gunnera, Dinosaur Food

Blooming Gunnera perpensa - Wild Rhubarb, River Pumpkin

Cussonia paniculata subsp. sinuata - Mountain Cabbage Tree, Kiepersol 
Calycanthus occidentalis - California Allspice

Thanks so much for stopping by to stroll the gardens with me!

I'm joining:
This Week In My Garden - Linky Party
Easy peasy rules:
Link back to The Little Round Table within your post.
Please remember to link back to The Little Round Table, if
you need help linking back just let me know.

Enter a permalink to your specific post, not your general blog URL. Advanced linking options requiring that both of these rules be followed will be in place.  If you have ANY problems with this new feature from inlinkz, please just let me know. I will be leaving the original linky collection open and allowing it to build each week. 
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  1. Fanatastic Photography, Interesting Specimens...a wonderful way to start the day.

  2. Hi Candy. I'm enjoying seeing a lot of plants that are NOT common to my neighborhood.

  3. Gorgeous. My senior mom would love to add ALL of these to her gardening projects. :) Happy Rednesday!

  4. Who can turn away from blazing red geraniums?


    Yellow’s the color I wear at dawn
    When dancing dewdrops spangle the lawn.

    Red is the color I wear at dusk
    When earth and sky are dry as a husk

    And nothing stirs—not even a wing
    Of bat or swallow or anything!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Boatman in Red

  5. No offense, Carol, but (being a fellow gardener) I think I like your garden posts more than your table posts! That fern photo is breathtaking! I'm glad you added the name of it!

  6. Beautiful!!! I love your fountain...I cannot believe the variety of plants that you have growing. Wow!

  7. Hey Candie your flowers are fantastic. And listening to the playlist just adds to the wonderful nature walk.
    Come See me I'm having my first giveaway.

  8. These are gorgeous, so glad I found your blog, coming from Kims, so glad I did!

  9. My favorite photo is of the yucca crying. What a shot!
    Joyce M

  10. What gorgeous photos! Just magnificent shots. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lovely flowers, awesome pictures, great music and I love, love, love that fountain!

  12. Thank you everyone for visiting the garden again this week! I'm so enjoying seeing the different gardens from various regions. An amazing diversity of plants to enjoy.

    See you next week,

  13. Your photos are just gorgeous! This is my first time visiting the Little Round Table. I've linked up my post. Thanks for the linky!

    Linda @ Linda's Lunacy

  14. You have some truly amazing plants in your garden. The Dinosaur Food is most unique. I really enjoyed looking at everyone's beautiful garden photos. Thanks for hosting this party.

  15. Thanks Linda and Pattie, I do hope you'll drop in again next week to stroll through the shared gardens.


  16. Beautiful flowers! I love the close-ups of the red variegated geraniums!

  17. Thanks Tricia, stop back again later today for some additional garden shots!



Thank you for your lovely comments.

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