Friday, August 5, 2011

A Dish Diva Has Gone Ahead of Us

Becky, one of our own "Dish Divas" has gone ahead of us to make beautiful
tables in another place.  We are missing her today, as we gather to celebrate
her life and set our tables in her memory .  Please take a seat as we raise our
glasses to Becky and send our condolences to her family.

Today's table is decked out in a vintage California Hand Prints cloth with
lots of blues and some marigolds.  Fiesta's 75th Anniversary color is also Marigold, generously represented on this table.  And a few pieces of Harlequin Blue (Becky's favorite color) on the Talavera plate in the center.

More details on the elements at the end of this post.

Fiesta in Marigold, including the new "Rice Bowl" holding a baked apple
Flatware from one of the dish/flatware fairies, who gifts other Dish Divas with unexpected packages.
Blue tumblers from
Stemware from Pier 1
Napkins and candles from Home Goods
Napkin Rings from Bed Bath Beyond
Talavera plate from La Paz, Mexico
Glass "milk carton" makes a wonderful creamer!

Join the rest of the Dish Divas as we remember Becky over on Tabletop Time


  1. I am so sorry to read that you've lost a member of your group. I liked to drop by Becky's blog now and again and I know she'll be missed.

  2. Such a loss, my thoughts and prayers are with her family.

    Your tablescape is stunning as usual. I love the mix of the blue and yellow and you do have the most amazing dishes and accessories. Hugs, Marty

  3. So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. You have done a beautiful tablescape in her memory. That's so sweet!

  4. What a fabulous way to honor a special friend. Beautiful!! I love your blue tumblers, and the stemware too!

  5. Blue and gold...colors that are a perfect remembrance for Becky. She will shine on in our memories like a warm sun.

    I'm feeling the Becky blues today, but the divas are helping to ease the sadness. Thank you for this lovely addition to the tablescapes honoring Becky.

  6. Really gorgeous, a nice way to remember your friend.


  7. Good Afternoon, Candy.

    I'm enjoying your warm California tribute to Becky. I especially like the little pieces of Harlequin in the centerpiece. They symbolize well how we'll all carry a little bit of Becky with us as we 'scape and collect.

  8. This is such a lovely 'scape for Becky. Thank you for being one of our Divas and quit buying my CHPs! LOL! xoxo

  9. I was waiting for your Marigold table. Fantastic cloth and tribute. Still thinking of you and your DH.

  10. Candy, I'm sad to hear of your loss. This is a lovely table to honor your friend. I know she is smiling down on this beautiful blue and gold setting.

  11. I've wished more than once over the years that I had your gift with words, Candy but never more than when I read this blog page. It's helped me refocus and think less about loss, and more about celebrating... I like knowing that Becky, and other loved ones aren't gone, they're just ahead, waiting for us. Thank you so much, my friend. The table is delightful, and the colors are so warm and welcoming.

  12. Sorry for your loss Candy, in the end it's the most wonderful thing to celebrate the life rather than to just mourn it. Your table is beautifully done and I'm sure she would have loved it! That glass milk carton is the cutest! You have the most amazing collection and such a talent for putting unique arrangements together! Glad to see you back...Liz

  13. What a wonderful tribute to a dear friend, Candy! I didn't know Becky but it sure sounds like she was loved. I hope somebody remembers ME with such a pretty table someday. Great vintage tablecloth & that pop of bright blue in there is just perfect.

    I'm glad you're feeling up to "playing with your dishes" after the months you've had. Mega stress, I'm sure.


  14. Rest in peace, Becky. The table is beautiful. Oh, to have such a sunny kitchen!

  15. So beautiful...and a wonderful tribute to a friend, as well.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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