Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Hydrangeas

Trying to get all my ducks lined up in a row for the new reality.
We are in week 5 of our new approach to living.
Mr. TLRT is doing well, after another surgery, a few visits to the ER
and this week beginning a 12 week cardiac rehab program.

Learning to cook all over again.
Fruits and vegetables are our new friends.
Walking twice a day.
Losing lots of bad habits accumulated over the past decades.

And learning to live with the worry.
Each day is a challenge to be faced.

Thank you again for all your kind and thoughtful comments and emails,
they do help me focus on the positive and put those negative thoughts to the side.


  1. My prayers/happy thoughts are with you and your husband!!! I hope that he continues to do well. I know that you must be exhausted--be sure to find a way to take time for yourself so you can continue to take good care of him--the two are correlated!

    Lana In Italy

  2. I am glad that he is doing better. It sure does change your whole life. Hubby had to change his entire also. Prayers for continued health.

    Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  3. :D You can do it!!! Have you seen the Moosewood Restaurant Vegetarian Cookbooks? They are fan-freaking-tastic. I highly recommend them.

    Take care!

    Ricki Jill

  4. I'm glad things are improving...sending continued good thoughts

  5. We're walking the same path - I could have written this post.
    Thinking of you...

  6. I'm happy to hear things are going well. And I love the vibrancy of those hydrangeas!

  7. Sending you lots and lots of prayers! You can do it!

  8. Hi Candy.

    Your hydrangeas are lovely. You and Mr. TLRT are always in my thoughts. I hope you can find a little relaxation during your blogging time.

  9. Sending happy positive thoughts and prayers your way. Sounds like your lifestyle change is one that we should all be adopting BEFORE we need it :)


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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