Sunday, March 25, 2012

CBS News + Fiesta

Watch this piece from CBS Morning News

Spotted in the piece:

And an original in my collection:

Frederick Hurten Rhead also in this CBS spot

Frederick Hurten Rhead obit from my collection


  1. Thanks for the screen caps, Candy. It's great to be able to see more images of flamingo. Richard did a wonderful job, didn't he?

  2. I saw this piece this morning on CBS and I thought of you immediately. It was so very interesting. Now I want me some Fiesta!!!

  3. I saw this yesterday morning while I was talking to my mom on the phone. We watched it together. I have the new cobalt blue, and my grandmother has collected Fiesta for years. My parents only live 1 hour & 15 minutes from Newell, so every time I go home, we go to the factory & the seconds store. I was wondering if you knew how the Homer Laughlin China Company got their name if Rhead was the first president? Thanks for all of the fun Fiesta history tidbits.

  4. This color is really growing on me, here's hoping the real thing does not disappoint. :-) Richard did an AWESOME job Daphne.

    Rhead wasn't the first president, he was the art director and designer of Fiesta. The company was founded by Homer Laughlin (and his brother Shakespeare) and is still a privately held company.


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