Friday, March 23, 2012

Vintage Nested Mixing Bowls

Available Colors - Red, Cobalt, Yellow, Green, Ivory,Turquoise
Production began in 1936
Production stopped in 1944

7 Sizes, most are numbered on the bottom from 1-7
Because there are only six colors, mixed stacks must contain at least one repeat.

#7 Red - weight is 6+/-  pounds making it the heaviest item in the line.
The #1 weighs a little under a pound +/-
A full stack usually weighs between 20 and 20.5 pounds

Available Colors - Red, Cobalt, Yellow, Green, Ivory

Production began in August 1936

Production stopped in early 1937

Covers were officially produced for Bowls #1-4, although Covers for 5 and 6 have been found.
Images above show #2 and #3 in Green and #4 in Cobalt.

More information and images of vintage Fiesta can be found on the
Vintage Fiesta Blog


  1. We just moved the hutch we store most of our Fiesta in. I do not have any of the old bowls. Thank you for sharing these absolutely beautiful bowls with us! :) Sarah


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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