Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vera ® Dish Towels at Crate and Barrel

Perfect go-alongs for Fiesta

Crate and Barrel has recently teamed up with The Vera Company to create a fun and colorful new line of kitchen linens and accessories for Spring 2012. Slices of carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and other garden favorites align in whimsical and vibrantly colored patterns by renowned designer Vera Neumann. Insalata is one in a series of archival Vera prints released exclusively to Crate and Barrel. Vera’s brilliant and graphic artwork patterned housewares and fashion textiles for nearly four decades—always finished with her signature ladybug. Believing that good design should be accessible to all and incorporated into daily life, Vera designs were welcomed into homes across the country—including the White House—and worn by everyone from the fashion-savvy masses to Hollywood royalty. Keep a lookout for more patterns available for Fall and Holiday 2012, as well as a set of prep bowls rimmed in colorful slices of carrots, tomatoes, and celery, available now!
 By The Pint


  1. Thanks for the shopping tip, Candy!

  2. What a great combination Vera and Crate & Barrel! I am always inspired by your blog!

  3. These are great towels! And they are 100% cotton which I love.

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