Monday, July 9, 2012

Flamingo - #10

Flamingo and Lemongrass

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  1. Just beautiful as are all of your tables, also impressed to see you already have the napkin holder! Can you tell us more about the lovely large brown (chocolate?) bowl on the buffet?

  2. That napkin holder is an imposter! Just a little cocktail napkin holder from a local grocery chain (Raley's). :-)

    The large bowl is vintage Amberstone Fiesta and can also be found in Antique Gold.

  3. I love this color combination with the tablecloth! LemonGrass is one of my favorites and I can't believe how well the imposter napkin holder looks with it. Thank you, also, for the information on the large, brown bowl, I love it, too.
    Have a great day!

  4. Thank you so much for your speedy response, I am shocked that the holder is an imposter! I have been stalking store sites lately (for the licensed cookware) and just saw the napkin holders for sale at and think that I have to order one in Shamrock. Thank you again, seeing your postings has really brightened up my days!

  5. Ohhhh flamingo really pops on this chocolate cloth! Love it!

  6. That Flamingo is really taking over, hopefully I'll be inspired by something different here pretty soon. LOL

    I haven't ordered any of the new "napkin holders" yet. Silly name for them, so Kohl's is calling them utility trays.;jsessionid=m0w8P86Vmt1q9rjzTXppqN1n20M2C9hvTjrvrxcvS3rrh1g3ZpGQ!495134424!979420785

    Just hoping they make them in Marigold pretty quickly before it is retired.


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