Saturday, August 4, 2012

Challenge From Melissa - Turquoise, Juniper and Chartreuse

Another table sent to me as a challenge -
Juniper, Turquoise and Chartreuse.

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  1. Candy, I really like this table. The colors are so soft in both the dishes and the cloth. Very pretty!!

  2. I have a question, though...I've bought many retired pieces from Mega China, because they had great pieces, prices and customer service...BUT, now they've closed and I don't know who to trust on retired Fiesta. I really respect your opinion, so who do you suggest?
    Thank you so much,

  3. Hello Candy,
    I am admiring your chip and dip bowl in the background. Would mind letting us know a little more about it.

    Thank you.
    Robert -

  4. I too bought from Mega China and now see they are closed too. :( Where should we go now for retired or any Fiesta buying on line? Do you have a favorite place? Candy, I also want to ask what the name of the turquoise bowls on top of the plate settings is called? I don't think I had seen any of them except on several of your table settings. I like this combo! I might try it too! I sure don't have as many pieces but could incorporate what I do have of these colors! Thank you! Sarah

  5. As far as buying online, I prefer or buying directly from HLC.
    Here's a listing for additional sources:

    The turquoise chip/dip bowl is a one piece divided condiment/relish type bowl. Very substantial, but I've never gotten an ID on it.

    The turquoise bowls on top of the place settings are Rice Bowls, exlcusive to Dillard's, they come in two sizes 6" and 5". To find them online, go to the website, search for keyword Fiesta. You must find the listings on each color page. Here is Scarlet The 6" version is listed as a "Footed Bowl", while the 5" version is listed as a Rice Bowl.

  6. Thank you so much, Candy. I knew that you had mentioned a source one time but couldn't remember the name. Thank you, again.

  7. Not discontinued Fiesta, but hopefully the selection of IN STORE Fiesta at JC Penney's will be decent. Another plus will be if they dispense with their catalog requirement to buy two of one thing. (Like two Hostess Bowls in the same color, etc)


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