Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stripes, Old and New

A mix of vintage and Post86 Red Stripe Fiesta ......
with a piece of Blue Stripe that snuck in.

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  1. i love those stripes! i don't think i've ever seen them before. my favorite piece is the VASE ... so classic!

  2. Margie, the vase is new, released by HLCCA. The rice bowls and dinner plates are also new. The luncheon plate leaning against the Blue Stripe is vintage as are the other striped items. :-)

  3. I adore all the red and white stripe dishes vintage or new! I would like to see how you would put them in a tablesetting with a vintage tablecloth-like something with cherries?

  4. I don't do a lot of cherries, but there are several tables utilizing the Red Stripe Fiesta. Here's the first one that comes to mind:

    And a holiday table:

    And another:


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