Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tiny Todkins

Some of my "Tiny Todkins" children's dishes from early in the 1900s.

Tiny Todkins decorations were introduced on existing HLC shapes in 1909. The same decals were used by other potteries as well. Four of these pieces are HLC Genesee, two are marked "Germany" within a circle, one is by ELPCO (East Liverpool
Pottery Co) and one is unmarked. See Jo Cunningham's book Homer Laughlin A Giant among Dishes 1873-1939, pp 89-90 There are lots of sports represented, this is just a peek at some of them.

This is a Genesee creamer with the Tiny Todkins treatment.

Here's yet another one depiting football/roller skating. Also by ELPCO (East Liverpool Pottery Company).
Baseball, also ELPCO.
A mixture of marked and unmarked pieces.
The two mugs are HLC.
 Panel Mug
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  1. Hi Candy! Oh, these are so precious! I've never heard of these or seen these little dishes before! I love them.
    Be a sweetie and hope you're doing okay.
    Shelia ;)

  2. Simply adorable! in all my years of antiquing, i don't think i've ever come across any of these dishes ... i do believe i would have remembered them!

  3. These are utterly delightful! I love how 'happy' they are. I'm glad to have come by and will show your post to hubby. Thanks for giving us a smile today.

  4. I like the marble playing boys best!

  5. These kids are all just too cute! The innocence of times gone by.


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