Friday, September 7, 2012

Me and The Tree

Black cherry tree c. 1952 Schwetzingen, West Germany (in the US Zone)
This 30 foot tall black cherry tree stood in the garden next door to the house I lived in for about 5 years, between ages 5-10.  The elderly gentleman, Herr Breunig, who owned the 3 story tall cherry tree, could no longer climb the tree to pick the cherries.  He asked me to pick cherries for him and in return I could eat as many as I wanted and give as many buckets to my family as I wanted.

Every year I spent several weeks climbing from the top to the bottom picking cherries as they ripened.  Herr Breunig would raise the empty buckets to me on a pulley system and I would lower the full buckets to ground level.

Cherries were a favorite of mine even before I picked cherries for our neighbor .  Nothing better than an ice cold glass of milk and a bowl of cherries.  My German friends and neighbors waited for me to die each cherry season, some thought I was sure to fall from this huge tree and the rest knew I would surely die from consuming milk and cherries together.  They all believed that milk and cherries was a lethal combination, most likely because unpasteurized milk was commonly used and the quality of water was sometimes substandard.  We got our milk from the PX so there wasn't any danger of the cherry/milk combo being lethal.

I'm about 9 years old in this picture showing me standing on a wall that divided our gardens. It stood at about the 10 foot level of the tree and provided great access to the lowest branches.  This is usually where I crossed over a main limb to the center trunk to climb higher up in the branches.

After we moved into Heidelberg proper, I did return for a couple of afternoons each summer to pick cherries until we came home to the states in 1956. When I returned to Schwetzingen many years later in 1989, the tree and Herr Breunig were both gone. 

Can you smell those delicious cherries?
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Flatware by Cambridge  sold as "Dot Gingham" or Duplex "Happy"
"Betty Bowl" from Betty Crocker Catalog
Napkins and red tumblers from Home Goods
Goblets and faux flowers from Pier 1
Acrylic chargers
Dots Fiesta exclusive from HLCCA
Metal mushrooms in vase from Kinsman Garden catalog


  1. Beautiful table! I love the cheerfulness of it and I love your childhood story of cherry picking!

  2. Great post. I, too, love cherries. The table is delightful. The napkins just make everything else pop with color.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. I so love your posts...everything about them...and what a special treat when there is a story and picture! Thank you!

  4. What a lovely post & great memories of days gone by. Your table is so pretty and cheerful.

  5. Very cheery, cherry table!!! Delightful story!!! Cherries are also my very fav fruit....

  6. Candy, I enjoyed reading your delightful story. We've been eating bowls full of Oregon cherries this past week. I'm working on a cherry post too. In fact, I have the same napkins. Hope to share a table next week. ;-)

  7. What an interesting post. How fun! With a few garden faeries, you're "set" for a Christmas breakfast / brunch / lunch / cookie exchange.

  8. Thanks everyone, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my table and the cherry tree story.

  9. What a sweet story and what a good neighbor you were to help out. It was a win win situation. I'm sad for you that the cherry tree and Herr Breunig were both gone on your return trip. What a lovely memory of your childhood you have! Your table honors the Breunigs and those yummy cherries.

    You are just too talented for words!

    I sent my niece to your site for inspiration in selecting her first set of Fiesta dishes. I told her, "Candy is the Queen of Fiesta, tablescloths and how to set a proper table." She pinned several of your ideas.

    From Virginia

  10. I have enjoyed your posts so much. I'm still pretty new to the web.(We have a hand me down computer that we played games on for a few years and just recently got internet service.)I LOVE dishes,table linens,s&p shakers,etc.I only have cobalt Fiestaware and not even entire place settings but I'm wild about Homer Laughlin china.Today's tablescape along with your photo and story moved me to write to you.I must thank you for all the smiles you brought me through your beautiful talent and please know how much it is appreciated

  11. Thank you Mary and gmm! Please stop back again soon for more tablescapes as we move into some colors for Fall. :-)

  12. What a wonderful story. I have loved every one of your posts about your childhood. I can smell the cherries!!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories!!

  13. Thanks Susan, I'm missing the cherries of summer. Seemed like they were in the grocery and then gone!


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