Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Brights and Hawaiian Daisies

Summer brights with a bit of Hawaiian Daisy Fiesta
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  1. How cheerful! I love your mix of patterns and eras.

  2. Love it! I have Hawaiian Daisy, turquoise (some vintage, some new) and tangerine. It's nice to see the sunflower mixes in so well. Do I need more dishes though...silly question! Although my next dishes are going to be some scarlet to go with my Christmas Tree set. Anyway, can I ask what the tablecloth is? Wilendur? I'd love to get one, or at least try to search for one on eBay!

    1. Found it! Sorry, I didn't realize you had an entire database of your tablecloths. How organized of you. Love it.

  3. What is that gorgeous red (orange) serving bowl? I collect old (and now new) Fiesta, but don't recall seeing that shape.

  4. It's the vintage Red individual salad bowl. :-)


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