Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chocolate Soup Bowls

Summer or Fall?
This table works for most any season.
Chocolate Fiesta has been retired.
Home made soup with beans, pasta and chicken
tasted almost as good as chocolate in these Gusto Bowls.
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  1. Oh, no! I didn't know they retired chocolate!! I asked for 8 Dinner Plates for Christmas from my husband. Where should I tell him to buy them? I don't know where to buy them online. Help!!
    I love your table and I love all the colors!

  2. Candy, I know I've asked before, but one more time will you please share with me where you suggest buying retired Fiesta? I used to buy from MegaChina, but they closed.
    Thank you, Susan

  3. This is just a wonderful & refreshing color combination for Fall. Absolutely lovely!

  4. You might try eBay (ask questions before purchasing). I just checked and there are quite a few sellers with multiples

    The online website for HLC has some Chocolate still available, limited selection:

    You might also contact Maryann at Colorful Dishes. She doesn't have it listed on the website, but her warehouse near the factory is loaded with wonderful things.

    Most retailers have recently clearanced all Chocolate, but you might check with your local suppliers.

    Thanks Carol, glad you enjoyed it!


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