Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It's Octoberfest on The Little Round Table. Thanks so much to my Tablecloth Fairy Kathy H. for the great tablecloth showing some of the highlights to be found in Germany.   A little California sunshine after an Oxyclean bath and it's just like new! 

Here's a tablecloth showing Germany before reunification, which is the way I remember the country when I lived there. Additional information on this tablecloth in the Tablecloth Database
Getting in the mood for Octoberfest c. 1950
More information on me and Octoberfest fashions
Fast forward to The Little Round Table all decked out for the festival.
 More information on the pitchers and steins on the Octoberfest table
 More information on Perkeo and a Giant Wine Glass.
 Checkpoint Charlie played a big part in the time my brother and I got into really big trouble.  It involved a bus tour of East Berlin, two kids on their own who missed their bus back to West Berlin, an angry father and a consulate car coming into the Russian zone to retrieve two American kids ...... we were in deep doo-doo all around.
More information on Checkpoint Charlie
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  1. I really, really enjoy your stories of growing up overseas and the way your tables tie everything together.
    Have a great day!

  2. Well done, Candy and Kathy! I love how this table brings together wonderful stories and wonderful dishes!

  3. Cool table and GREAT story. Love your little girl pictures. You are a cutie pie.

    Mary From Virginia

  4. Thanks ladies! I can smell the beer and brats now ..... and the pastries!


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