Saturday, December 29, 2012

Catching Up On The Ornaments

Just some new images to document where my Fiesta
ornament collection stands.
Updated 12/29/12
A final update for this year.
There is a little breathing room in the ornament
cabinet now that some of the T-Pots and blanks have decided to hang
out on the wire wreaths. The dust may become an issue for me,
but for the time being it is working.

What's the next ornament quest for 2013? Probably First Fire and
Conference ornaments, my membership ornament comes
September I think. Looking forward to adding some additional 
surprise appearances to the collection.
Soon to be Snowman Ornaments
 Out of view on the top two shelves left are two of the Holly & Ribbon ornaments years
1997 and 2007.
Missing from fifth row of bottom cabinet are 12 of the embossed T-Pot ornaments
that are currently on the metal wreath.

 Top Cabinet (two views)
Bottom Cabinet (two views) 
Playing around with the metal wreath
This wreath was marketed with round 12 Days of Christmas ceramic ornaments.
Sold out since around mid-year 2012
T-Pot and Blank Marigold ornaments

 2005 Holly and Ribbon with red numerals


  1. The different wreath combos are great! I did not get mine out this year, but I may have to if my flamingo and white set arrives before Santa!

  2. Thanks Daphne, I added an additional image of the wreaths and plan to leave these up next to the ornament cabinets year round. :-)


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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