Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Peppermint Placemats

This holiday Fiesta table lends itself to lots of variations using some of the Fiesta luncheon plates to add to the merriment. The Peppermint place mats are from Pier 1 this season.
 Just a few of the ways to mix it up and give this holiday table a different look.
 Happy Holidays!


  1. I love the layered placesettings! How fun to find the surprise of which Fiesta pattern is waiting for the next course. Maybe I need to make a visit to Pier 1!

  2. I had an easier time this year Daphne. So many nice things, but some from past years that I already have. :-)

  3. Those placemats are a great match for everything!

  4. I So agree and I'm finding they look nice with a bunch of other holiday things too. Peppermint is the new black. LOL

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  6. This makes me want to get a sewing machine, I had one when my kids were little and now they are grown, maybe it’s time to get back into that, but only with easy, pretty things for the home. No dress making skills here!

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