Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dish Soap Aprons

Cute in any kitchen!
Made from one of the new licensed accessory Fiesta Zig-Zag towels.
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  1. Candy, these are awesome!! I love the one with the Fiesta dishes, pitcher and coffee pot, the atomic one and the ones not yet made with all the colorful polka dots. You're so creative!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dish soap never looked so good! There's a pattern out there for aprons with ruffled sides, too. My MIL made a few during the vintage tablecloth sewing spree.

  3. Have you seen the Apron Memories exhibit or book?

  4. Love everything about your blog. Where do you find Fiesta fabric?

  5. These things are silly, but oh so cute. Della the Fiesta fabric was discontinued in the late 90s, but still shows up on eBay from time to time. Sandi, I did know about the Apron Memories, such a great story.

  6. Even the words like alluring and fascinating cannot do full justice when it comes to describing this blog.
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