Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Freezing Days In California

Unusually frigid here in Northern California, 
Turquoise, Black and White Fiesta reflects the Wintery mood. 
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  1. So that's where Winter went. It was 60 degrees in Boston yesterday! Beautiful crisp table!

  2. Beautiful as always!!! It's been near 80 here in Alabama with rain/storms and when those two mix we have to be on the alert for tornadoes. Yikes!!

  3. Love turquoise Fiesta, please share info for the footed serving piece.... Thanks!

  4. Good evening ladies! Susan, hopefully none of our frigid temps will come to visit you in Alabama and Daphne enjoy it while you can I'm sure your winter will return. :(

    Erica, the footed bowl is Bauer. You can see more of them on this post:

  5. Your tables looks so beautiful! I am a little more north than you here in Cali. We have been so cold!This is the coldest winter we have experienced, only being here 4 years now.Sure reminds uys of Back East.Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Blessings ~Sara

  6. I'm seeing a bit of the warmer temps creeping in ..... come on Spring!

  7. This is so lovely! I'm in Florida and we've been getting some small cold snaps here and there too! I admit, I love it, because the weather is pretty warm most of the year, so it's fun to get out those sweaters and snuggle under a warm blanket, for just a little while! =D This table with a hint of rustic feel is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this! =D


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