Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tammis Keefe "Beef" or "Cow Parade - BBQ"

Just added to the Tablecloth Database
Heavy cotton, printed name Tammis Keefe, no tag.

There is at least one additional "cow" themed
Tammis Keefe cloth, called "Cattle Futures" on
the tammiskeefe.com site which is maintained by
a collector of Keefe designs.
Look for the "Cow Parade - BBQ"  tablecloth in a future tablescape.

Since Mr. TLRT had his heart attack in 2011, NO beef has crossed our threshold.  Boy I sure miss it! Here is some interesting information about beef in the US.

Beef Industry Statistics

2011 Cattle inventory:  92,582,400 (USDA NASS)

  • Economic impact:  $44 billion in farm gate receipts (USDA NASS)
  • Number of herds: 742,000
    • 30.9 million beef cows
    • 26.7 million feeder calves
    • 90 percent of cow herds have less than 100 cows (avg. 44 head)
  • 2011 beef exports:  $4.08 billion, 2.35 billion pounds (USMEF)
    • Top export markets:  Mexico, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan 
  • More than 50 percent of the total value of U.S. sales of cattle and calves comes from the top 5 states: (USDA 2007 Ag Census)
      1. Texas
      2. Kansas
      3. Nebraska
      4. Iowa
      5. Colorado
  • Cost of production:  from 1990-2003, feedyard cost of gain was $261/head; in the past four years, feedyard cost of gain is $494/head
  • Average producer age:  58, up from 56 in 2002 (USDA 2007 Ag Census)
  • US productivity advantage:  Domestic cattle inventory = 7 percent, Domestic beef production = 20 percent
  • 33.5 million head of cattle harvested under USDA inspection; 26 billion pounds of beef harvested under USDA inspection
    • Average weights at slaughter
         Steers – 830 lbs
         Heifers – 769 lbs
         Bulls – 893 lbs
         Cows – 617 lbs
  • Total livestock production costs:  $54.8 billion (USDA 2007 Ag Census)
  • Per capital spending on beef in 2009:  $261.90 (47.8 percent of per capital spending on all meat)


  1. Will you be having a little beef to launch the tablecloth? Great find!

  2. Fabulous tablecloth! Great find!

  3. I think I purchased this cloth, just so I could have a piece of steak for the first time since the summer of 2011 when Mr. TLRT had his heart attack! I can taste it now!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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