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The Cottage By The Sea 1940 - A postscript to the story

Here's the original story, with an additional chapter at the end.
Be sure to read the UPDATE at the end of this post!
This tablescape includes so many of my favorite things and favorite colors.

Vintage Fiesta
Gifts from A Friend

My friend lives "down by the sea" and also collects vintage Fiesta, her name
is Saarin and she recently sent me these sweet carved wooden napkin rings
that look like they were made for this 1940 tablecloth.  The tablecloth was a premium for Dutch Clenaser and the one I have still has the original mailing envelope with the enclosed ad for matching napkins. Sadly the original recipient of the tablecloth didn't send away for the napkins.
And here is how Saarin's table in her cottage down by the sea might have looked in the 1940s. The sweet fruit and veggie napkin rings accompany the vintage Fiesta in six colors.  The individual covered casseroles are Kitchen Kraft also from Homer Laughlin glazed in Fiesta colors.

Saarin's table could easily look this way today, as she uses her vintage Fiesta on a regular basis. Thanks so much for the sweet napkin rings Saarin!
That's where the story ended last summer.
Before the internet, the chances of ever adding the napkins to my collection,
would have been maybe 1 in a million.  But, lookee here!
Neat, nice, nifty napkins to match my tablecloth.
Thanks for joining me again this week here on The Little Round Table.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Vintage Fiesta footed salad bowls were available in the first six colors
and in the Ivory with the "Tom and Jerry" decal.
Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Light Green, Red, Turquoise, Ivory plain and decorated.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tortilla Soup

Soup by the fire on a chilly night.
The soup was leftover, so just the additives
needed to be put together.
Fried tortilla strips.
Grated cheese
Chopped avocado. 
What's on your dinner table?

Perfect Pasta Salad

It was o'dark thirty when I made pasta salad. 
No special recipe, this time it was:
Penne Rigate by Golden Grain, a couple tablespoons each diced onion, diced Jicama, diced celery, diced tomato. (This was just a couple cups of pasta, more veggies required for more pasta.) And the essential ingredient is the Berenstein's Cheese & Garlic Italian dressing. Just pasta of any sort and that dressing ...... pure success each time.
Yum!  Is it bad to have pasta salad for breakfast?
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