Friday, February 8, 2013

Fresh Pacific Salmon

Fresh salmon and steamed cauliflower with sour dough bread.

6 Minute Microwave Salmon
Place salmon steaks on top of one sliced onion and one sliced fresh lemon in small covered casserole dish. Drizzle salmon with several tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and several diced cloves of fresh garlic. Microwave covered for 6 minutes on 90% power. Allow to stand for a few minutes, plate and serve with lemon wedges on the side.

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  1. What a great recipe. I love cooking salmon over onion in the oven, so I'll try this one, too.

  2. It was fabulous! I had the tiny 1" square piece I saved from last night's dinner in an omelette this morning ...... oh man was it just about the tastiest thing I've eaten in a long while. Just a touch of salmon, two eggs, a tablespoon of diced jicama, tablespoon of diced celery, freshly ground black pepper, a generous dose of fresh lemon and skip the salsa on this omelette. wow.


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