Saturday, February 2, 2013


Marigold, the glorious 75th Anniversary color introduced several years
ago and initially released in just a few special anniversary pieces was 
quietly retired last fall.  Marigold was eventually released in all the items
of Fiesta and a few additional special items like the 75th Anniversary
Marigold ornament.  The Baking Bowls (3) and the Prep Bowls (2) are
destined to be some of the most popular items in Marigold down the road.
Not the perfect fix, but an acceptable way to move the bowl nest to 7:
Add a Chili/Jumbo bowl to make it a nest of 6,
and then add a ramekin to make it a nest of 7.
Did you notice the spectre of Homer, my cat, lurking behind the bowls?
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  1. Hi Homer! That beautiful golden color matches your fur, doesn't it?

  2. Gorgeous color and I would never have seen your kitty if you hadn't pointed that out!!!
    Hope you are having a GREAT Saturday!


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