Friday, February 8, 2013

Red Wing Juicer

For those of you who find the vintage Red Wing Gypsy Trail Juicer appealing, but don't find the hefty price they command quite as appealing, you might want to keep your eyes open for this reproduction. I paid $25.
Made by Retro Kitchen Accents, it was sold as #2376. I know it also came in red and perhaps ivory (or it was just a poor image).
It didn't come with a little pitcher, but I found a stand in, that works for me.
I find the base of the juicer reminiscent of the Hostess Bowl:
It is unmarked, whereas the authentic original should be marked:
Below is the vintage Red Wing version, with little pitcher.
It is very functional, ergonomically designed and well worth the novelty value.


  1. This is such a fun and functional piece. I have one in tangerine.

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  4. I get many people asking me what is the best juicer they should buy. In reality there isn't one best juicer that fits everyone's needs


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