Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tea For Six

Awhile back one of the Fiesta groups on Facebook had a discussion about tea sets and I posted an image of the tea set made for me by a friend at HLC about 15 years ago. It has always been one of the truly sweet parts of my collection, made when I had Homer (my cat) and Kelsey and Drew. Kelsey is a senior in HS now and Drew is a Freshman, while Homer is 15. In the intervening years I have been blessed with two additional grandchildren, Nate who is now 10 and JoJo who is seven.

I lamented the fact that the tea set seemed incomplete, when Joel Wilson (China Specialties) offered to bring it up to date with the two missing cups and saucers. And here it is. Thank you ever so much Joel, it is even more special than it was before.



  1. THIS is special! You are blessed.

  2. So awesome. Never thought about doing something like this. I'm only minutes from Homer Laughlin Outlet but never stop wanting, or buying.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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