Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Island Style

Not Easter Island .....
A table fit for Easter "island style."  Think sandy beach, warm ocean breezes, swaying palms and an icy cocktail.
Acrylic green chargers, Rosenthal "Medallion" dinner plate, decorative salad plates
from Pier 1.  The divided fruit tray in the basket holder is from Target a couple of
years ago. It closely mimics some of the Post 86 Fiesta colors and the shape of the
vintage Fiesta divided relish tray, but is an imported look-a-like. Flatware and
napkins are from Home Goods, glassware and salt and pepper from Pier 1.
Fuzzy bunnies are from Pier 1.  Just toooo cute!
Tropical bird ceramic napkin rings came from eBay.
Divided relish basket came from Target a number of years ago.
The colorful ceramic condiment tray also mimics some of the Fiesta colors, but again is an import and not Fiesta.
These vintage nesting bowls are again not Fiesta.
Hall Gaco 

Wooden salad serving set is from South Africa.
Hand carved wooden pitcher and matching cups are from Jamaica, the woven tray is from South Africa.
Striped candles were 2 for $1 from The Dollar Tree Store.


  1. I LOVE it!! Of course, I love the bold colors and you, once again, have knocked it out of the park. Sure do wish I could score a divided relish/tray like any of these.

  2. Oh those plates are to die for, the colors or the table and the details are so perfect...what a wonderful happy happy table, I love what you did with all the cool colors...napkins, wow

  3. Thanks ladies, still looking for the perfect beach!! LOL

  4. Your "Easter Island Style" heading reminded me of something I saw on a T-shirt recently -- The importance of commas: "Let's eat, Grandma!" vs. "Let's eat Grandma!" Punctuation aside, the tablescape is beautiful as usual -- I love the tropical ambience!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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