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Fiesta New Color Lapis 2013 - Press Release

Press Release from Homer Laughlin - 


The Homer Laughlin China Company™ Launches New Color at Housewares Show

Newell, W.Va. — (March 2013) — The Homer Laughlin China Company™ is proud to announce its new Fiesta® Dinnerware color for 2013 – Lapis. An intense blue, the gemstone it was named for is thought to be a holy stone or even have magical powers in some cultures. In fact, because of the gemstone’s rich, mesmerizing color, it was among one of the first to be worn as jewelry. It’s no surprise that this color has long-lasting appeal; it can be seen on the latest fashion runways today, as well.
Visit Homer Laughlin to see Lapis and other new additions to the Fiesta Dinnerware collection at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, March 2-5, 2013, Booth S2003.
“We don’t often think about blue as being a ‘cheery color,’ but this special shade Lapis reminds me of an intensely blue sky on a clear day and that always makes me smile!” says color expert Leatrice Eiseman, and
“Fiesta enthusiasts will be excited to see this vibrant color join the Fiesta color family,” says Rich Brinkman, VP of Sales & Marketing for Homer Laughlin. “It’s reminiscent of the highly sought-after Sapphire, a vintage Fiesta color made in 1996-7 for a limited time only. However, Lapis is a richer, more intense hue and coordinates beautifully with the current Fiesta spectrum.”
Color Combinations
Lapis joins the lineup of Fiesta’s iconic colors, some of which have been in production since the reintroduction of the line in 1986. Forty-four colors were produced since the brand was launched in 1936 – more than 75 years ago. The entire 2013 spectrum includes: White, Black, Shamrock, Cobalt, Lapis, Peacock, Turquoise, Paprika, Lemongrass, Ivory, Sunflower, Tangerine, Flamingo, Scarlet, and Plum.
Lapis lends itself to a wide variety of versatile color arrangements, on trend with the latest in fashion and home décor:
  • Bright and Sunny: Lapis, Cobalt, Peacock, Turquoise, Lemongrass, Sunflower
  • High Fashion: Lapis, Flamingo, Tangerine
  • Citrus: Lapis, Sunflower, Lemongrass, Tangerine, Flamingo, accents of Ivory
  • Southwest: Lapis, Sunflower, Turquoise, Cobalt, Paprika, accents of Black, Ivory
  • Americana: Lapis, Cobalt, Scarlet, White, accents of Plum
  • Mediterranean: Lapis, Ivory, Paprika, Tangerine, Turquoise, accents of Black
  • Retro Chic: Lapis, Flamingo, Black, Turquoise, accents of Sunflower, Tangerine
  • Sophisticated Cools: Lapis, Cobalt, Peacock, Ivory, accents of Plum
All standard dinnerware pieces will be available in Lapis, including 4- and 5- piece sets and a variety of plates, platters, bowls, cups, vases, the signature disk pitcher, and serving pieces (sold separately). Suggested retail price for the 4- and 5-piece place settings is $29.99 (MAP) and $51.00(MSRP).
Presale starts May 15th and items will be in better department, .Coms and specialty stores late June 2013.
About Fiesta® Dinnerware, Made In The USA 
Designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936, Fiesta Dinnerware is now the most collected china in the United States and among the most collected china in the world. The product was discontinued in 1973 and reissued in 1986 with new contemporary colors to mark its 50th anniversary. Its unique Art Deco style has landed Fiesta Dinnerware in the collections of numerous museums from the Smithsonian Institution to the Andy Warhol Museum. For more information, visit:
About The Homer Laughlin China Company™
The Homer Laughlin China Company is the last major plate, saucer and cup manufacturer in the country, employing more than 850 employees at its factory in Newell, WV. In the restaurant and hospitality category, the company’s china dates back to the late 1800s and the production of white “ware”. It was in 1936 that Homer Laughlin introduced its colorful Fiesta dishes. Today, this distinctive brand is featured on dining tables across the country and coveted by a large, enthusiastic group of collectors. Backed by a 130-year plus history in the industry, Homer Laughlin continues to dominate in dinnerware—committed to its craft, its workforce, its region, and its country. For additional information, visit:
New Products Coming Soon
Dancing Lady Cookie Jar
Larger size Heart shaped bowl.


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