Monday, March 18, 2013

Pretty in Pink for Easter

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  1. Your egg covers are the sweetest, cutest I have ever seen and they look wonderful with that table, I adore that tablecloth and the napkins...the whole room looks so never disappoint

  2. The egg covers are so darling! Your kitchen looks so pretty decorated for Easter.

  3. Oh my goodness, was there ever such an adorable Easter table? So much to look at.
    If I had to choose a favorite (and no one asked, but I'm choosing anyway) -- it would be
    that amazing tablecloth.
    And the little eggs ... how cute!
    The wineglasses are fabulous.
    Where DO you find these amazing things?

  4. It's fabulous! Did you make the little knitted eggs? Adorable!

  5. I'm with Cass - where did you get the wine glasses and the flatware? Thanks!

  6. The little crocheted eggs and other things are from an Etsy seller in Instanbul. I've been purchasing her items for several years.

    The wine glasses are from this season at Pier 1 and I purchased the flatware online last fall.

  7. I was going to Pier 1 today anyway, but when I saw your wine glasses and found out that is where you got them I just had to pick up a few. Thanks for the info -- they are gorgeous!


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