Friday, March 1, 2013

Tammis Keefe "Cow Parade - BBQ"

Several of us are collaborating in a Surf 'n Turf tablescaping event. I'm calling this event "Richard and The Divas," since we have a gentleman friend joining us. This tablecloth is the first Tammis Keefe cloth in my collection.

Tammis Keefe was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1913. Keefe
(neƩ Margaret Thomas Keefe) studied at the Chouinard Art Institute
 and then worked in San Francisco with Dorothy Liebes until 1949.
She then worked in New York City for Lord & Taylor.
She died in Ridgefield, CT in 1960. She sometimes used the pseudonym
Peg Thomas and is best remembered for her textile and handkerchief designs.

I'm doing the "Turf" and leaving the "Surf" to others.  We're having STEAK .... well it is virtual steak,
since steak and all other beef products have been banned from our house since Mr. TLRT had his heart attack in
July of 2011.  There's chicken for kebobs too, so no one will go hungry.
The flatware is "Treble Clef" widely available, just Google it.

Vintage carafes perfect for our BBQ, along with a ceramic canteen and a couple of
Cow Parade participants.  Red Stripe Rice Bowls exclusives of HLCCA.
Vintage colander with the Star pattern and some vintage skewers that are perfect for
the chicken kebobs.  Marinade for the kebobs is Italian dressing with the juice from a
can of Mandarin organges mixed in.  Marinate the chicken cubes and veggies several hours, grill over
hot grill for approximately 10 minutes, turning several times.
Vintage Fiesta bowl in Antique Gold.
Several cuts of steak and beef kebobs ....... please help yourself.
More coming off the printer momentarily!
Vintage "Salad Server" Royal Chrome rack is highly sought after.
Vintage Fiesta plates in Red, contemporary Fiesta plates in Chartreuse and 
vintage Turf Green Berry Bowls.  The relish tray and shakers are vintage
This is the large Amberstone salad bowl, the same shape as the Antique Gold one above.
Thanks so much for stopping by for our
Surf 'n Turf event!
Please be sure to visit the other participants listed below.


  1. I LOVE this table!!! Your "meats" look fabulous and, I think ingenius to use the photos. Your tables are always so great!!! The ONLY colander I'll use is one of my vintage star colanders. I've been given others, but I regift them because I love these. My mother and sister feel the same way and we use ours daily.
    LOVE the tablecloth and vintage skewers, as well as your awesome Salad Serving Rack!! Thanks for sharing yur beautiful things and home with us.

  2. The cloth, the "food," the dishes, the's all so FABULOUS! I think I'm heading to the butcher shop this afternoon. I have a feeling that we're not going to be limited to just one Tammis each in our collections after this party!

  3. LOL Deb! Thanks ladies, this was fun, I just wish the steak had been real. I am so beef deprived since Mr. TLRT had his heart attack.

  4. Another wonderful table, Candy! My sister has a friend who is a serious Tammis Keefe collector and maintains a website where she has her collection displayed: I'm hoping she'll stop by at TLRT and see what wonders you've performed with this TK cloth!

  5. Morning Saarin - I actually referenced that site in the write-up on the tablecloth. :-)

  6. Yes, it's a small tc world indeed...almost as small as the dish world! My sister's friend has been directed to Daphne's blog as well. The Tammis Keefe cloths really come to life in your tablecscapes!

    And how wonderful to have Richard join you. An honorary diva! Thanks to all of you for the treats today!

    (And by the way, Candy, your steaks are perfect, in that they are fat-free and have 0 calories!

  7. Oh! I just found Elaine's contribution! Fantastic!

  8. Isn't it wonderful!! The InLinkz application makes sure no one misses any of the goodness. We still have Rebecca's scape coming, most likely by Sunday!

  9. Everytime I read it, I crack up......doen't "Richard and the Divas" sound like some 50s rock and roll group out of Motown??


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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