Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vintage Fiesta Advertising Mugs

Examples of vintage Tom and Jerry mugs often used for advertising mugs.  Sometimes they had a coaster, but often not. Some collectors have vast collections of these advertising mugs. They come in clear glaze (white) and in the two tone versions.

Here are some blanks, an example from a trucking
company, and a full set of Buick management meeting mugs in original boxes.


  1. I have a advertising mug n coaster set, (Hawaiian Holiday 1962) always thought it was another company that made it. Because the mug is a bit smaller than post 86 T&J mugs. Now these mugs are definitely made by HLC?

  2. No way I could even venture a guess about the maker of your mug set without seeing an image of it. The vintage Tom and Jerry Fiesta mugs are smaller than Post86 and a different design also. The mugs shown here are by HLC.


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