Saturday, May 4, 2013

Belk's Exclusive Covered Boxes

We have tea packets, faux sugar and toothpicks.

Then Gumballs, some kind of Martha Stewart decorating snowballs and gumdrops.

Then hot chili peppers, dried oregano, and taco seasonings.


  1. Hi Candy - Are these new? I was unable to find them on the Belk's website. Thanks!

  2. They hit the website maybe a week ago and sold out almost instantly! Some of their brick and mortar stores still have a few.
    They also come in Peacock (a color I just can't abide.....too harsh!). We are hoping that Belk reorders and expands the color selection beyond the four colors offered initially. Some of the members of the Facebook Fiesta Pages are picking them up for other collectors and shipping them. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh these are soooo cute!!!! I want some, I hope they get more in!!!

  4. That's pretty much the universal reaction Mrs. B! Too cute. :-)

  5. Fingers crossed for flamingo and lapis!


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