Monday, May 13, 2013

Mini Cast Iron Pot

Too cute and probably totally useless, but had to have one of the fairly new
cast iron pieces.  Tiny and full of cuteness!
The roses are hybrid teas from David Austin called "Graham Thomas."

Compared to the new exclusive "Marmalde Box" from Belk's department store. Has been
a fast seller in the four colors of Sunflower, Lemongrass, Scarlet and Peacock.

My vote for the next new color (it's only 10 months away!) would be something like
this vintage Turf Green saucer.  The hobnail tumbler from Anthropologie could be a
place to start too!  We need a "Moss" green please.


  1. Could not find the "Marmalde Box" on line at Belk's.... it is indeed cute.

  2. This new item sold out online within just a few days, we are hoping they will restock. Some of the Belk brick and mortar stores still have them and will ship if you call the individual stores.

    More about the boxes:

  3. This is just the cutest little cast iron pot! The Marmalde Box is just perfect sitting beside the little pot.

  4. The Belk in my area of Alabama had many of the Marmalade Box. 334-821-1007. They are sitting right up front on the display just waiting to go home with someone.

  5. I was reading the post above and inadvertently said Marmalade Box! Thanks so much for changing it to Covered! Yes, I know the correct name...hahaha!

  6. An internal invoice at Belk's did refer to the box as a "Marmalade" box, but the packaging and online description said "Covered Box", so to avoid confusion I'm trying not to use marmalade in the name anymore. :-)

  7. Yes, a moss green is needed to balance all the bold colors and to move from a summer palate to fall.


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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