Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Small Lapis Fluted Vase - Order Yours NOW!

The HL outlet is taking orders starting today for the Lapis Small fluted Vase
1-800-452-4462 Option #1
$75 plus $10 shipping 
ONE per customer.

UPDATE 5/24/13


  1. So what is the story on the small fluted vase in lapis that it is twice the price? how do you find out these things

  2. The 8" vase is discontinued, but for the last several colors HLC has made a limited number and sold them over the phone through The Outlet retail store. The estimate of the number of Lapis being made is between 150-200, therefore the higher cost.

  3. Customers who have signed up for email notices received the word about the availability yesterday afternoon. The word quickly spread via Facebook.

  4. Candy, do you know who I need to contact to get on the email list? I've called and requested before but to no avail :(

  5. They seem to be having an issue with the list. MANY never received the alert this time around. I would email The Outlet and call and ask for Pat to request being put on the list. :-) Or just live on Facebook like I do!

    1. What is the "name of the Facebook page" --- I see many and none of them seem to be the company or the outlet....

    2. Mimi - please email me at happenstancetlrt@gmail.com and I will send you a list of Facebook pages. There are a couple collector pages I enjoy and the official HLC FB page too. :-)


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