Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wilendur Ceramic Tablecloth - A new colorway!

Wilendur "Ceramic"
Cotton, Wilendur overall print of ceramic jugs, bottles, from the 1950s,
name is "Ceramic" , no tag. Shown on page 122 of Elegant Table Linens by
Michelle Hayes.
Matching napkins.
Edit 05/19/13
And an additional colorway!

Click on the image below to see more of this tablescape.
And another:


  1. Congratulations! The cloth is such a great find.

  2. Oooh, I LOVE the earth tones cloth. Brown is one of my favorites and green IS my favorite color. Heck, I really like all colors, though. Your table is beautiful done in the earth colors and how sweet to get the napkins, too!!

  3. Thanks ladies, just can hardly wait until I can do one with Lapis!


Thank you for your lovely comments.

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