Monday, June 24, 2013

31 Colors and Counting

31 Colors & Counting

Not counting the decorated or exclusive colors.

Juniper has been pulled from the rotation because I have it in Fiestaware2000

2005-2007 Were quiet years around The Little Round Table. Colors that should never have been conceived included Peacock, Heather and Evergreen, so they have also been removed from the rotation.

A color I'd love to see in the future is a Moss or Olive Green.


  1. This is impressive....I hadn't realized there were that many colors.

  2. It is equally as hard to realize that the reintroduction of Fiesta was 27 years ago!

  3. HLC has a really nice moss green in the Flipside line. Hall has one as well. Perhaps we'll see it on our Fiesta!


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