Saturday, July 13, 2013

HLCCA Conference 2013 News - Fiesta Sales By Color

Sales by Color – July 2013

1 - Scarlet
2 - Turquoise
3 - Sunflower
4 - Lapis
5 - Lemongrass
6 - Cobalt
7 - Peacock
8 - Tangerine
9 - Flamingo
10 - Paprika
11 - Shamrock
12 - Ivory
13 - Plum
14 - White
15 - Black

Exclusive Lapis Presentation Bowl will be available from Dillard's.
Thanks to Daphne for the image of the Presentation Bowl sample.
New expanded line of Fiesta for the bathroom, including a toothbrush holder.
Coming soon - Special edition canisters- Andy Warhol collection with inscriptions.
Also monogrammed Fiesta from Belk's coming later this year.


  1. Thanks for this great information! I will pass it along to friends.

    From Virginia

  2. Monogrammed Fiesta coming from Belk, too!

    1. What do you mean by "Monogrammed Fiesta"? and about WHEN.... Thanks

  3. Do you know when the presentation bowl is going to be available at Dillard's?

  4. I guess it is about time to get the plum pieces I have been putting off before they disappear. The rest of the info is great to have... Andy Warhol...

  5. Belk will offer Fiesta with a monogram on it. For example, Candy can have a "C" on her plate if she'd like. There were no samples shown or timeframe given. Some lesser used letters might not be offered. Exciting!

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