Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lemon Pudding


  1. What a lovely, inspiring blog. I finally began my own Fiesta collection today, when I managed to order the retired marigold 5 pc sets that I'd been dreaming about all year (I didn't realize they were already retired!). I only ordered four sets, so my question is, is that adequate if it's a color I truly love? Also, what color do you think best complements marigold? Sorry asking you so many questions, it seems you'd have the most knowledge on the subject! Your marigold post is my FAVORITE :)- SJ

  2. I LIKE the idea of lemon pudding in a fiesta bowl..... all on its own....the whole bowl for ME....

  3. Scarlet , Lapis, Shamrock and many of the other choices look very nice with Marigold.
    4 -6 place settings is a good number, but without knowing your family size or lifestyle there really is no way for me to advise you on the number that is right for you.


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