Friday, December 12, 2014

Pacific Pottery Hostessware

 The below excerpt is from "Depression Tableware Hardly Depressing!" by Jeffrey B. Snyder ( 

"The primary plant for the Pacific Clay Products Company was located in the Lincoln Heights district of Los Angeles, California. William Lacy brought together several disparate potteries in the early 1920s to create the firm. The company’s early products were focused on supporting California’s building boom of the 1920s, including brick, roofing tile, and terra cotta. When hard times hit, Pacific followed Bauer’s example, entering the new market for colored table and kitchenwares. Pacific brought forth a line of dining and serving pieces christened “Hostessware” shortly after Bauer introduced its popular California Colored Pottery in 1930. With a greater variety of wares available in the Hostessware line, Pacific’s offering gave Bauer stiff competition.
 The quality of Pacific’s colored wares was high. The streamlined styling and dynamic glaze colors were very appealing. Seven glaze colors were first offered: Apache Red, Delphinium Blue, Desert Brown, Jade Green, Lemon Yellow, Pacific Blue (a deep cobalt), and Sierra White. As the years passed, these colors would be altered and given new names.
 Pacific also offered hand painted underglaze decorations which varied in form from simple bands and spirals to more complex patterns. Alas, the Second World War brought end to the Pacific Clay Products Company’s promising pottery production as the company contracted with the government and turned its production toward military production."


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